Friday, April 9, 2010

Where We’re At and What We’re Doing

Hello beer fans! I realize it’s been too long since our last post, but wanted to quickly get a few things out there for you.

First: Saison debuts April 30th! That’s right, we’ve been talking about this for months now, but we’re bottling next week and the beer will be ready for prime time by the 30th! We’ve also slid in a small batch of Saison for draft-only packaging, which will primarily be used to support our release parties in the area.

About the Draft vs. Bottle Saison

We used the same recipe in the draft recipe as the bottle recipe, but the beers won’t taste exactly the same. Bottle-conditioning is going to add a layer of complexity to the beer that won’t be found in the draft version. This beer was designed with bottle-conditioning in mind; it really belongs in the bottle. That said, we’ve been stealing off samples of the draft Saison and I can absolutely assure you this beer is going to rock!

Second: Saison Schwag! We’ve got T-Shirts & Hoodies on the way that all sport the Saison badge! In addition, we’ve just received our new Saison pint glasses that are super sexy! We’re kicking around the idea of creating a sHopping page where you can buy the items online to ship to you, but till that’s up and running you’re going to have to find us for the goods! We’re still working out the prices, but we’ll let you know as soon as we do!

Finally: Parties! In addition to the grand kick-off party we’re having in East Sacramento on April 30th, we’ve got a handful of other celebrations lined up for the days and weeks that follow. Our traveling Saison Road Show will appear in South Sac, Roseville, Folsom, Santa Cruz, Oakland and will hopefully make a few additional stops. At all these stops we’ll have the shirts, glasses & beer.

One last thought before we dismiss.

We’ve made a lot of connections and appreciate all the support and kind words you all have passed our way. We’re going to ask you for some help pretty soon, hopefully nothing too major though. We are just two guys, making & selling beer the best we know how. If you have any good leads for places that you think should have our beer, please help us by mentioning us to the store/restaurant/café/bar and then pass us a note to let us know. You can just use the website contact page that comes straight to me. If you can help us spread the word about Odonata Saison, it’d be greatly appreciated.

Cheers everyone!

- Peter & Rick

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  1. wait, Oakland? Beer Revolution, perhaps? I shall wait patiently for more details.

  2. Parties! Do you have info on where and at what time these shindigs will be? The Sacramento area ones are right in my neighborhood and I'd love to come.

    Your beer is excellent BTW! I got to try Water Witch at the Shack in East Sac and it knocked my socks off. Keep up the good work!

  3. Hey, April 30th in East Sac where? Cheers!